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Elizabeth Lykins, PA-C, MPAS

Elizabeth Lykins

Elizabeth Lykins, PA-C, MPAS has been a practicing physician assistant for over 20 years, with extensive experience and training in emergency medicine, occupational medicine, sleep medicine, and medical weight loss. She graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine and the University of Nebraska School of Medicine with a specialty in Emergency Medicine. Embracing a more holistic approach, she is a perfect addition to our integrative practice, which uniquely blends specialized services for optimum, customized results.

Her services include integrative medicine consultation, trigger point injections for pain relief, rehabilitative exercise programs, allergy testing with immunotherapy treatments, and nutrition and weight optimization programs that improve health and trim the waistline.

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"Thanks to my adjustments at Sawyer Chiropractic Group, my BLOOD PRESSURE dropped to normal and I no longer need to take my prescription medication!" 
- Robert McKillip

"After 3.5 weeks of care at Sawyer Chiropractic Group, I am FINALLY pain FREE after 35 years!" 
- Renee Shebanek

"Since beginning chiropractic care, I have more strength, flexibility, and HAPPINESS! I am full of JOY and increased LOVE and COMPASSION for others!" 
- Steven Hanley