Weight Optimization

Elizabeth Lykins

Elizabeth LykinsMy Philosophy:

I believe that we each have the power within us, to accomplish amazing things! Modern life is filled with stress, processed foods, excessive use of sugars, synthetic sweeteners, sedentary lifestyles and over-stimulation that clutters our thoughts and decisions, all leading to weight gain and poor health. Where I fit in, is in sharing proven methods to manage these issues, that will improve your energy, overall health, and your waistline.

As a healthcare "detective" I see things often missed, that are affecting your health and weight.

My Services:

I am excited to partner with you for a transformational nutrition and weight plan that will enhance your energy, boost self-confidence, and restore your zest for life. Initial consultations include a comprehensive history and physical exam, customized weight optimization plans, and extensive resources to gently guide you toward the results that you desire. With consistent progress measurements in follow up, you will achieve results that last.


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"Thanks to my adjustments at Sawyer Chiropractic Group, my BLOOD PRESSURE dropped to normal and I no longer need to take my prescription medication!" 
- Robert McKillip

"After 3.5 weeks of care at Sawyer Chiropractic Group, I am FINALLY pain FREE after 35 years!" 
- Renee Shebanek

"Since beginning chiropractic care, I have more strength, flexibility, and HAPPINESS! I am full of JOY and increased LOVE and COMPASSION for others!" 
- Steven Hanley