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relaxation through massage to lower blood pressure

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Massage Therapist Jennifer Moriguchi

Chiropractic Santa Cruz CA Jennifer Moriguchi

Jennifer has been practicing Western and Eastern healing modalities for over 25 years. She has an uncanny ability to map each patient's stress points and release the discomfort, therefore allowing the body to restore its energy flow and heighten ones individual vitality. Using gentle manipulations and neuromuscular techniques she is able to meet individual needs and treatment preferences. Jennifer feels she is lucky that her work is also her life's passion. She is currently completing her final year of study in the course of Masters of Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Jennifer is furthering her education and is on track to complete the Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree in summer of 2020. She feels strongly that the benefits of combining Western and Eastern healing techniques allow the body to recognize where the root of the discomfort lies and to stimulate the bodies own self healing resources. Jennifer brings a variety of tangible techniques to help her achieve her patients' health goals. Whether seeking massage for injury therapy, general well-being, elder care or prenatal care, Jennifer is looking forward to helping you achieve wellness.

  • California Certified Massage Therapist # 67065
  • 1989 - Massage Therapist; The Body Therapy Center School of Massage, Palo Alto, Ca
  • 1992- Natural Health Care Practitioner; Florida School of Massage, Sarasota , Fl
  • 1998 - BS Health and Wellness; Humboldt State University, Arcata, Ca
  • 2018 - Masters of Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine; University of East West Medicine, Sunnyvale, Ca

Massage Therapist Leslie Romero

Chiropractic Santa Cruz CA Leslie RomeroLeslie Romero has been performing therapeutic massage since 2012. She provides customized sessions for individual needs, bringing lasting results and deep relaxation. Clients and patients alike achieve great relief from pain and tension through various techniques, including Swedish, Deep Tissue and Stretching techniques, leading to an overall healthy experience. She "walks her talk" when it comes to a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Do you need help reaching relaxation through massage therapy in Santa Cruz?  Sometimes the end of a work week cannot come soon enough.  By Friday, the amount of stress and anxiety that is built up is almost unbearable.  As the stress builds and compounds, so do the negative side effects that accompany it.  In fact, for some people, cortisol which is the main hormone the body releases when under stress, has been shown to be the primary contributor to elevated blood pressure, decreased immune system function, blood sugar imbalances, increased weight gain, and difficulty sleeping.  Thankfully, just as the body has developed a stress response it also has an in-born relaxation response that is stimulated under the right conditions.

Relaxation Through Massage Therapy in Santa Cruz CA

Research has shown that there are two primary effects of massage therapy, the more familiar mechanical or physical response and the less known relaxation or nervous system response.  When receiving even a short massage, the physical touch and manipulation provided by the massage therapist causes physical changes that result in the optimization of blood and lymphatic flow.  In addition, the pressure on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons allows them to relax, permitting proper function.  While this is occurring, massage therapy is also having a profound effect on the nervous system.  As the tissues are allowed to relax, the nervous system begins to allow the body to enter the relaxation response.  This state results in lowered blood pressure, decreased stress on blood vessels throughout the body, normalization of stress hormones including cortisol, and more regular breathing.  At Sawyer Chiropractic Group we believe that massage therapy is the only therapeutic and health care choice that has been shown to create these simultaneous effects.

The effects of massage therapy have been shown to last long after the therapy session has concluded.  While promoting relaxation throughout the bodies tissues, massage therapy has been shown to have substantial positive psychological effects.  As the levels of stress hormones are reduced and the body begins the relaxation response, anxiety decreases, levels of alertness increase, and their is a clearer state of cognition.  All of these changes lead to quicker healing and an overall healthier well-being.

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