IMPORTANT NOTICE In response to COVID-19 concerns, Sawyer Chiropractic Group is taking every precaution to keep you safe during this time. Our office is OPEN and fully functioning to serve you. Chiropractic has been deemed essential by the Governor of California. We are remaining open during our normal hours to serve you. To schedule a new patient exam or chiropractic adjustment please call or text 831-457-2000.
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Same-Day Appointments Available
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Our team is well equipped to offer a variety of  chiropractic services at our main office in Santa Cruz. Click the topics below to learn more about individual health care topics and related treatment options. Neck/Upper Body Injuries Shoulder Pain Neck Pain Head Ache/Migraine Spine Injuries Disc Injury Scoliosis Sciatica Back Pain Extremities Carpal Tunnel... read more
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  Do you want to obtain comfort through massage therapy in Santa Cruz? Sometimes the stress that comes with a weekly job is close to unbearable. As stress and anxiety build in your body, so do the side effects that accompany them. For some individuals, health issues such as elevated blood pressure, decreased immune system... read more
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